We offer a wide range of services focused solely on the Utility Industry. Our vast technical experience in this industry enables us to fully understand our client’s needs on the most complex projects right down to the finest details.


  • Transmission and Distribution Design

  • Storm Hardening

  • GIS and Mapping Services

  • Field Inspection Services

  • T&D Line Health Assessors

  • Thermography


  • Automated Transformer Switch (Pre Check)

  • Stub Pole/Pole Pull data collection and removal

  • Complete OH Circuit Audits for Engineering Design

  • Automated OH Lateral Switch (Pre Check)

  • Automated UG Lateral Switch (Pre Check)

  • Automated Transformer Monitor (Pre Check)

  • Capacitor Bank Programming (Eaton/HDE)

  • Utility Pole Inspections, Treatment, and Reinforcement

  • Drone Aerial Inspections

  • Right of way inspections

  • Storm Response Services


  • Transmission and Distribution Overhead

  • Transmission and Distribution Underground

  • Substations

  • Fiber Optics

  • Communication, Control & Relay Protection Services


  • Project Managers

  • Construction Superintendents

  • Construction Managers

  • Safety Professionals


  • Incident Commander

  • Site Commander

  • Storm Assessment

  • Fuse Installation Crews

  • Contractor Oversight

  • Safety Professionals